News Update: Mod-t Release

Most 3D printers are really expensive, right? Well in recent years, we’ve seen the price of 3D printers rapidly plummeting. Now with the release of the Mod-t, maybe 3D printers are finally going to get into the average home. You see way back in 2014, the Mod-t launched an incredibly successful Indiegogo campaign to launch their Mod-t. Back then I had never heard of the Mod-t and had only discovered their website rather recently. Supposed to retail at around $250, this printer is incredibly cheap, for a 3D printer. Unfortunately this price does come with some sacrifices. For example, the print volume is only 6 inches by 4 inches by 5 inches. Another downside would have to be the print quality. Unfortunately the thinnest resolution for this printer is 0.2mm. That is still respectable for a printer of this price though.  As for the actual release of this printer, there were some delays and price changes. Apparently, New Matter had some trouble finding a manufacturer and they had to change their price from $250 to $400. This price is still respectable though.  Anyway, now New Matter has finally released it’s Mod-t! And you can order it right now and here! If you order it now, you will get it around October. I for one am very very excited to get a look at this new 3D printer.

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