News Update: Robo R1+ Release

Rather recently, new 3D printers have been popping up left and right. Including a company named Robo 3D. Recently, they have gradually been improving on their relatively successful 3D printer, the Robo R1. Now they have released a newish release of this printer, that has all of these new fixes and features. They call the the Robo R1+. It now has many new features like their new linear motion system in their printer, which should make it print much more consistently. This was a large problem that they were having in the past. They also have added some lead screws on the printer, which should add to the over all stability and performance of the printer. They have also made other smaller upgrades to the printer such as changes to their axis system, but they don’t give many details there. They just say that they “changed the way the machine works, for the better”. If they are right, then this printer will be very appealing to most consumers with a price tag of $799. (It is on sale though, the usual price is $899.) That is still pretty cheap for a 3D printer. I predict that if these upgrades go well, the new Robo R1 Plus will be a very successful 3D printer. Robo 3D also announced a new line of printers, the R2s at CES, but I’ve been told that the R2 won’t be released for a while. Overall though, I think the Robo 3D company has just made a very successful 3D printer, that has the potential to make some pretty epic 3D stuff.

New Upgrades:

  • New Linear Motion System
  • Lead Screws
  • Axis System changes
  • Other small improvements

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