News Update: Have you ever heard of MBot 3D Printers?

Have you ever heard of the MBot series of 3D Printers? Well recently while I was browsing Google, I stumbled across this company that makes 3D Printers called MBot.  MBot makes three types of 3D printers. The first type they make is called the MBot Grid II +. This seems to be MBot’s higher end printer, and for a good reason! It features a nice control panel, a build volume of 235x210x180mm, and it even has the option for two extruders! Well your probably thinking that is nice, but not really anything particularly special. That is because I haven’t gotten to the best part, this all come’s at the price of $1099! Obviously that isn’t cheap, but for a 3D Printer with those capabilities, that is pretty impressive. The next 3D printer in the MBot lineup is called the MBot Mini. Appropriately named, this printer is certainly much smaller than the Grid II +, but it also comes at a much lower price of only $749! (Again, that is not very cheap but pretty good for a 3D Printer).  However, the MBot Mini comes with a much smaller build volume of 140x140x135. The third and final printer MBot makes is called the MBot Cube.  As far as I can tell (PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG), the MBot Cube is just an earlier version of the MBot Grid. Otherwise though, it specs seem to be similar to the Grid.

Well, what do you think? Personally I just stumbled across this 3D printer, and I honestly have no idea if the MBot is actually a good printer or not. In fact, there are hardly any reviews on this printer! However, just purely by looking at specs, I came to the conclusion that the MBot must be a pretty decent printer. However like I said before, I haven’t actually tested this printer and I don’t really know if it is good or not. So I am going to ask you, do you own one of these machines? If so, do you think the printer is actually decent? If the answer to either one of those questions is yes, than please leave a comment below! Because if you guys confirm that these printers are as good as I think, than this printer has the potential to create some pretty epic 3D stuff.

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