An Interesting 3D Printer, the Robox

3D Printers are always evolving and getting better. When browsing Google, I came across a 3D printer that caught my attention. It is called the CEL Robox. The Robox is an interesting 3D printer, that boasts some new innovative features. I have personally read some reviews on this printer, and there were some very mixed reviews. All of the reviews said the Robox’s “Smart Reel” was a nice feature, but that is all the reviews had in common. Some reviews said that the Robox had very intuitive simple software, where as other people said he the Robox’s software could use lots of work. Another thing people were disagreeing on was the Robox’s print quality. Some people said the Robox had astounding print quality, and was a must-buy for that reason. However some people said that the Robox was a great printer, with the exception of its print quality.

So I guess this is my question, do you like this printer or not? The Robox has a lot going for it, with amazing Smart Reels, and Dual Extruders to speed up prints. However some people definitely have problems with this printer, and claimed they “wouldn’t recommend this printer in a million years.” So definitely keep a lookout for the Robox 3D printer. It has many nice new qualities, that definitely give it the potential to create some epic 3D stuff.


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