3D Hubs 2016 3D Printing Guide!

3D Hubs is a huge leader in providing everybody with a 3D Printer. They have a very successful service that allows everybody to have access to a 3D printer without spending tons of money. Now, 3D Hubs has gone a step forward and released a buyers guide for 2016! The 2016 buyers guide is basically just an updated version of the 2015 guide, with some new 3D Printers. I have personally spent lots of time on this guide, and I have found some new and interesting 3D Printers. 3D Hubs has helpfully sorted everything into five different categories.  Enthusiast, Plug ‘n’ Play, Kit/DIYBudget, and Resin. Each of these categories is targeted towards a different category of people that might be interested in a 3D Printer. Anyway, I definitely recommend heading over to 3D Hubs to check out their awesome new buyers guide, because on that guide are many different 3D Printers that definitely have the potential to create some epic 3d stuff.

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