daVinci’s New 1.0 Pro, the Next Big 3D Printer?

daVinci 3D Printing has always been one of the main leaders in providing everybody with some decent printers, for a VERY competitive price. Now, daVinci has released a new printer, the 1.0 Pro. The 1.0 pro differs from the rest of daVinci’s printers in two ways. The first way is that the daVinci 1.0 pro is daVinci’s FIRST open source filament 3D printer. The second is that the 1.0 Pro is aimed more at a slightly more advanced user, whereas the rest of daVinci’s printers seem to be targeted more towards the beginner. The 1.0 Pro has many  nice features, including user-configurable temperatures for the bed (yes it has a heated build platform), and the nozzle. This allows the daVinci to be able to accept a wide range of 3rd party filaments. The daVinci Pro also boasts an “assisted” bed leveling system. This means that you still have to turn the knobs, but daVinci’s software will tell you how much to turn the knob. A giant plus for the daVinci is the Wi-fi connectivity option. On most printers today, you still have to either plug your computer right into the printer (via USB), or download your file onto a  SD card and plug that into the printer. So Wi-fi connectivity is definitely a plus. But what I think makes the daVinci 1.0 Pro really stand out is that all these features come at the very competitive price of $799. Compared to something like the Makerbot Replicator Mini  or the Cube 3D Printer , this printer definitely stands out. So there you have it! I think that this new 3D Printer from daVinci is really going to shake up the market. I think this because of all these great features, at such a competitive price. And clearly if this 3D Printer can stand up to all of the statements daVinci is making about it, it can easily create some epic 3D stuff.


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