The Rever: A neat idea for 3D Printers.

Kids are the future of our world. 3D printers are the future of additive manufacturing. Qubea 3D Printer had the wonderful idea of putting kids together with 3D printers. The Rever 3D Printer is what they came up with. The Rever is a really neat concept, that connects kids with 3D printers. It has nice features like an enclosed build platform (so kids can’t touch the hot extruder), and a safety nozzle that hides itself away in a place where kids can’t touch it. Unfortunately the Rever is a Kickstarter project, and I don’t think it is going to be funded. (Which is a shame because it really is a neat idea!) However I think Qubea has brought a really neat concept to the 3D printing market by giving kids access to 3D printers. Sure this project might not be funded, but at least now kids can finally create some epic 3d stuff!

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