3D Hubs!!!

If you guys have been following my blog, you probably know all about my love of 3D Hubs. They have an awesome website, that has all kinds of cool 3D Printing news, tips, and tricks. They even have their own Periscope live stream! For a long time now, I have admired their website and platform. And now that I have my own 3D Printer, I have been able to sign up for 3D Hubs! I now have my own hub, and if you would like to 3D Print something, I can now print it for you! All you have to do is click here. This link is also on the side of my website, labeled as “Come see my 3D Hubs Hub!” I would be happy to 3D Print things for you! If you don’t have a design already, there are thousands of designs already online! I personally like to use Thingiverse, but there are many great services out there. To actually get the design, just go onto Thingiverse, (or your preferred site) and choose the design you want! Then download it to your computer, and upload it to my hub page. Within two days (not including weekends or shipping) I can get your print into your hands!  3D Hubs is an amazing service, that makes it so everybody can create some epic 3d stuff.

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