The Makerbot Smart Extruder +

Do you guys remember my review of the Makerbot Replicator Z18? If you do, I bet you remember my complaints about the Smart Extruder. Although the Smart Extruder had some great features (filament detection, modular etc…) However, it had a few problems. The main problem was the clogging of filament. I, (like many other people) clogged my Smart Extruder after just a few prints! The extruder clogged very easily, and it had a few other problems too. Now at CES, Makerbot unveiled their new Smart Extruder +! This extruder has twice the warranty of the old one, and Makerbot claims to have fixed most of the problems of the old extruder in this new iteration. Makerbot also claims that they have had 160,000 hours of printing with their new extruders; proving lots of reliability! This new iteration of the Smart Extruder seems to have fixed many of the problems in the old extruder. For example they have better connectivity to the mount (some extruders were falling off!), They have better homing systems, and most importantly they have reduced clogging and jams! They have done this by increasing the length of the ptfe tube inside the extruder, which has reduced clogs. makerbot-introduces-smart-extruder-plus-to-replace-its-controversial-3d-printer-component6

They have also made other improvements, that seem to have made this a much more reliable and better extruder. And equipped with a better extruder, all the 5th generation Makerbot printers will be reliable, fast, and smart! This means that everybody that owns a Makerbot 5th generation, will now be able to reliably create more epic 3d stuff.

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