The Genesis 3D Printer

These days, new 3D Printers are constantly being released. Each printer boasts better “ease of use” and great new features. The Genesis 3D Printer claims to have all of this, and more! In this post, I will tell you all about this amazing new printer idea.

As you can see above in the picture, the Genesis printer uses a motion system very similar to that of the Printer Bots, with both 3D printers using an open-ended design. However, the Genesis is still a Kickstarter campaign, (which you can find here.) The Genesis will be sold in two models; the Uno and Duo. As the names suggest, the Genesis Duo will have a dual extruder (among other advantages) and the Uno will have a single extruder (along with other disadvantages). The Genesis 3D Printers will also have other nice features, such as SD Card Support, WIFI Printing, LCD Display, “Auto Calibration”, High Resolutions (50 Microns!) and quick print speeds. The Genesis Duo also features a large build volume of about a cubic foot, whereas the Uno has a smaller build volume of 9 by 9 by 12. Both of which are very large build volumes for a desktop 3D Printer. However, the price of these printers is easily the coolest thing about this printer. For all these great features, the Genesis Duo will be sold for just $300! (On Kickstarter) And the Genesis Uno will be sold for an even lower $250!

So maybe the Genesis 3D Printer will be the 3D Printer that will be easy enough for EVERYBODY to use! It has tons of convenient features (like “auto calibration”), and it will be sold at a VERY competitive price point. And with a great 3D Printer like the Genesis in everybody’s home, maybe everybody will be able to create some Epic 3D Stuff!

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