3D Printing Post Series, gCreate Rocket!

Inspired by Joel Telling, I decided to 3D Print the gCreate rocket! (Even though I have a Lulzbot Mini.) It turned out great the 3rd time, but the first and second time weren’t so great 😦 Both times one of the legs broke off of the model while it was bridging.  So if you would like to print this model (found on Thingiverse here!) remember to add a LARGE raft! (Also try high cooling too). After that though, it turned out very nicely. I printed this in eSun’s Green HIPS filament.

The Print Settings (Dun Dun Dun)

  • Printed with 10% Infill
  • Printed on a cloudy day 😦
  • Printed with a Hot-End Temperature of 240, and a Bed Temperature of 110
  • Printed with NO Support Material
  • Printed with 2 Shells
  • Printed at 200 Micron layer resolution
  • Printed with a LARGE raft!
  • Printed with High Fan Speeds
  • Print Time: 5 Hours 30 Minutes (ish)
  • Printed on Lulzbot Mini
  • Sliced using the Lulzbot’s edition of Cura

The Picture!!

FullSizeRender 2
After adding the raft, the print turned out nicely!

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