The Thingmaker 3D Printer

3D Printers are awesome! However, most people don’t realize you actually need a design to 3D Print.  Unfortunately, designing for 3D Printing has a pretty steep learning curve, and it isn’t for everyone. In today’s post, I will be talking about the Thingmaker 3D Printer, which claims it can fix this problem.

First of all, the Thingmaker 3D Printer isn’t actually targeted towards adults! This 3D Printer is actually designed for kids and families!  It has nice safety features like a locked chamber (See the Picture Above) and a nozzle that moves safely out of reach of tiny hands. The main idea of the Thingmaker is that kids can design their own toys!  The Thingmaker will work alongside with Thingmaker design (available NOW on the App Store). Thingmaker design lets kids easily  design toys, jewelry, “creatures”  and other easy items. The kids will then be able to wirelessly print their object safely on the Thingmaker! Surprisingly, Thingmaker hasn’t released a lot of specs for their printer, so I don’t know much about the print quality capabilities. However, the Thingmaker will be released this Fall, and it is on pre-order here!

I personally think this is a great idea for a 3D Printer. Kids can be super creative, so imagine what they could do with a 3D Printer! If the Thingmaker can do everything it claims, then Kids will be able to create some Epic 3D Stuff!


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