3D Printing Post Series: Star Wars Ship!

In honor of the new (ish) Star Wars movie, I decided to 3D Print this Star Wars Ship! The wings move up and down, as you can see in the pictures below. The print turned out fairly well, and the wings move great! However, there was some issues on the overhangs, because I didn’t use support material.

The Print Settings (Dun Dun Dun)

  • Printed with 15% Infill
  • Printed on a partly cloudy day!
  • Printed with a Hot-End Temperature of 240, and a Bed Temperature of 110 (To Print my White HIPS)
  • Printed with NO Support Material
  • Printed with a Small Raft
  • Printed with 3 Shells
  • Printed at 200 Micron layer resolution
  • Printed with Medium Fan Speeds
  • Print Time: 2 Hours 45 Minutes (ish)
  • Printed on my Lulzbot Mini
  • Sliced using the Lulzbot’s edition of Cura

The Picture(s)!!

Star Fighter Pic 2 - Edited
The Ship with the Wings Extended
Star Fighter Pic 1 - Edited
The Ship with the Wings Retracted (This is how it printed)

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