3D Printing Post Series: The Easter Bunny! (Ish)

To Celebrate Easter, I thought it would be very fitting to 3D Print a bunny! However, regular bunnies are kind of boring. So I decided to print a bunny bank! He has a hole in the top, and he has a screw on lid on his bottom! Overall this print turned out pretty nicely, but some layering was visible. Above is a picture of the bunny, and below is a picture of the bunny and the bunny bank.

The Print Settings (Dun Dun Dun)

  • Printed with 20% Infill
  • Printed on a rainy day 😐
  • Printed with a Hot-End Temperature of 240, and a Bed Temperature of 110 (To Print my White HIPS)
  • Printed with Support Material (Touching Build Plate)
  • Printed with 2 Shells
  • Printed at 250 Micron layer resolution
  • Printed with Medium Fan Speeds
  • Print Time: 3 Hours 10 Minutes (ish)
  • Printed on my Lulzbot Mini
  • Sliced using the Lulzbot’s edition of Cura

The Picture(s)!!

Bunny Pic 1 -Edited
This is the picture of the bunny
Bunny Pic 2 -Edited
This is a picture of the top of the bunny (where you put the money in)

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