The New Lulzbot Flexydually V2!

Wow! It seems that Lulzbot 3D Printers have become very popular recently, and Lulzbot is continuing to innovate and improve on their printers. Unfortunately though, it has been awhile since Lulzbot has introduced a new toolhead upgrade. However, now it seems Lulzbot has broken that trend, and they have released the Flexydually V2!

So what is the Flexydually? Well, the Flexydually toolhead is an upgrade for the TAZ line of 3D Printers. It is supposedly for “advanced users”, and it enables your TAZ 3D Printer to print wonderful things! How does it do this? Well, the Flexydually can print in two materials (it is a dual extrusion tool head), and it can print in flexible materials too! This unlocks a whole new range of possibilities for your 3D Printer. For example, in one print you could make a wheel with rigid spokes, with flexible rubber on the outside!

Obviously this was a great toolhead to begin with, but now Lulzbot has improved their toolhead even more! New features include (but are not limited to)

  • All Metal Lulzbot Hexagon Hot End
  • More/Different Cooling
  • Metal Extruder Mounting Plate
  • Different wire configuration?
  • Other Small Changes

Clearly, this is groundbreaking new toolhead. You can print in flexible and rigid filament at the same time! This extruder is available for $495, and it is currently supported by the TAZ 4 and 5 printers. And paired with a great printer like the TAZ,  I personally can’t wait to see what “epic” creations come out of this extruder!


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