The Print Dry Filament Dryer!

Everybody has problems with their 3D printer. Usually when you get a failed print, you blame it on the printer itself. However, sometimes your printer ISN’T the cause of the failure. Sometimes, the filament is the culprit!! You see, filament is very fragile. It can easily absorb moisture if left out in the open too long. And if your filament absorbs too much moisture, it’s essentially like running water through your extruder (which you don’t want to do). So everybody usually thinks that once your filament has absorbed too much moisture, its done. The whole roll of filament has gone to waste, and they immediately throw it out. Well, not anymore! The Print Dry filament dryer provides an interesting alternative.

Like I mentioned before, moisture in your filament is NOT good. It can ruin your print and your extruder! Luckily, the Print Dry filament dryer can save your filament. Basically, instead of drying clothes (like a regular dryer), the Print Dry dries filament! No longer does moist filament have to become the cause of soooooo much pain and agony. Instead, the Print Dry can save your filament! So you’re probably wondering, “why do you need a special dryer for filament?” Well, essentially moist filament is REALLY hard to dry. And to dry it, you need a very special type of dryer. In fact, you can click here for the complicated science.

Besides saving filament, the Print Dry has some other nice features. It can dry most standard sized rolls, it can dry two rolls at once, and it can dry the filament WHILE the printer is printing with the filament! The Print Dry can also dry desiccant, so you can reuse the bags of desiccant that originally came with your filament.

Overall, I think the Print Dry filament dryer is a really cool idea! You can FINALLY keep your filaments in a nice, dry place, and you can save your filaments that have become too moist for printing.

For more information on this awesome product, I strongly recommend checking out Print Dry’s website.

Update: Do to the help of Dion (comment below), I’ve learned that the dryer can have a faulty temperature controller. You may want to check out another temperature controller if you would like to purchase this device.


2 Replies to “The Print Dry Filament Dryer!”

  1. I have one of these things. Food dehydrators are surprisingly expensive here in NZ – this was cheaper annnd it was setup for filament.
    Overall though – it’s temperature control, out of the box was hilariously bad. Setting the dial to 45degrees C would often have the filament at 60 or 70. Killed a couple of rolls of PLA (stuck to itself, got all kinky).
    Pulled it to bits and found the problem. Their temp control is just a crappy adjustable bi-metallic thermostat. Bad enough but it lives in the bottom section of the drier – well out of the way of the heater. Nowhere near the heated chamber. Not sure how they ever thought that was going to work.
    Grabbed a cheap digital temp controller from fleabay for a few bucks, cut a hole in the side of the unit and stuck it in. The whole thing is wired with a switched neutral so kept it in that configuration but swapped the bimetallic disaster for the temp controller. Popped a little hole between the base and the first drying chamber. Ran the temp probe through it and taped it to the inside of the clear plastic bin thing with some kapton. Works perfectly now. Holds temp accurately. No more floppy PLA. Overall – crappy electrical design but the whole thing is nifty enough to be worth it – just order a better temp controller when you buy one.

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