Lack of Posts on the Stuff and the Things…

Hi Everybody! Today I come with some news on Epic 3D Stuff. In this post I will outline my future for this blog, and hopefully explain some important items related to my lack of posting recently.

Recently, I have been falling behind on my posting duties, and I haven’t posted in months! This is because of many reasons, most of which are related to my schedule on Epic 3D Stuff, and the wonders of Summer Vacation. Unfortunately, these two things didn’t clash well. Many days of Summer Vacation, I was traveling and visiting friends and family. Unfortunately, due to lack of internet access (and family commitments), I was unable to post during that time. And when I was able to post, I couldn’t even find the time! This all resulted in me having very little time to devote to this blog. I deeply apologize for this, and I hope I will be able to make it up to you now…

Luckily, I have managed to find some spare time just in time for school starting! This will mean a MASSIVE bombardment of posts (at least eight a day) to make up for the posts I have missed. Hopefully, I will be able to find enough time to make up for ALL the posts I have missed.  Again, I am deeply sorry that it has come to this, and I will try to make it up to you guys ASAP. Thanks, and keep creating some Epic 3D s=Stuff!

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