The Polysher, A Brand new way to Smooth Your Prints

If you’ve ever tried to smooth your ABS Prints, you know its a big pain in the hot-end. It involves toxic liquids, rubber gloves, and lots of time. Trying to smooth your cute little octopus suddenly turned into a horrid endeavor. Now you have Acetone all over you’re floor, and a print bathing in toxic goop. Wonderful. Hopefully, I have the solution for you. Introducing, the Polysher from Polymaker!

This successfully backed Kickstarter project claims to fix all of your smoothing problems. By using complicated (yet safe) technology, the Polysher manages to SAFELY smooth your 3D Printed parts (with stunning results!) However, such simple smoothing does come with one, (possibly two) drawbacks. The first is that you must use PolySmooth filament. This limits some of your options, but I’ve heard that PolySmooth prints quite well. The second drawback is that this is a Kickstarter campaign. While some Kickstarter’s do deliver, a majority of other projects don’t. Unfortunately, this means there is no guarantee that the Polysher will make it. Other than that though, the Polysher looks quite promising, and it could definitely create some Epic 3D Stuff.

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