3D Hubs and Thingiverse Partnership

Unfortunately, not everybody owns a 3D Printer. And while 3D Printers are getting cheaper and cheaper, they still aren’t quite ready for the mass market. Luckily, there are many services (like 3D Hubs) that connect everyone to a 3D Printer. However, sometimes people don’t have a design to 3D Print. Luckily, sites like Thingiverse exist, so that people can download from a HUGE collection of 3D models. Alas, these two sites have always existed separately, and sometimes the integration of the two can seem daunting. Well, until now, this integration seemed nearly impossible to the average user. Finally, 3D Hubs and Thingiverse have partnered to create a relationship that could revolutionize consumer 3D Printing.

The integration first sparked when Makerbot introduced “Thingiverse Apps”. Makerbot first introduced Thingiverse apps to integrate Thingiverse with many different services (including 3D Hubs.)  This included MakePrintable (a model repair service), 3D Hubs, and many others. Opening Thingiverse up to this type of platform seems like a wise idea. Now anybody can instantly  repair, customize, and print their model, all with a few clicks! Anyway, I feel like the Thingiverse + 3D Hubs Partnership is really cool, and you should definitely go check it out.

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