The New M3D Pro!

If you’ve ever heard of M3D, you might think of the most successful 3D Printing Kickstarter of all time. You could think of the Kickstarter campaign that reached its goal in mere minutes, or the Kickstarter campaign that raised $3,401,361! This was clearly quite the feat, and it had the whole (3D Printing) world talking. And when M3D decided to launch a new product, they stirred up LOTS of excitement. Introducing, the M3D Pro .

The M3D Pro is bigger, faster, and more advanced than the M3D Micro. The Pro is much bigger than the Micro, with a build volume of 7.8 x 7.2 x 7.2 inches. However, the main selling point of the Pro isn’t its build volume. M3D designed the Pro to be faster, more reliable, and more accurate too! The Pro comes with a recovery feature to save prints that were cut off due to power outages or filament jams, and a stand-alone mode to transfer print jobs from the software to a memory card inside the printer. Now you can print without having your computer tethered to the printer! The Pro also comes with many sensors. It can monitor speed, power level, temperatures, filament use, and more!  This all helps with reliability and ease of use. The Pro comes with a heated print bed, and it is extremely accurate, with an accuracy of 25-350 microns.

Your probably thinking this all sounds great, and that the printer must be super expensive to have all these features. Nope! The earliest Kickstarter tier is priced at $400, with the most expensive Kickstarter tier priced at $700.

Update: Kickstarter is now sold out! The Pro is now available to purchase with a price tag of $500

In short, the M3D Pro looks great. It has an advanced network of sensors, it is extremely accurate, and it is relatively affordable! If M3D successfully follows through with this Kickstarter campaign, we could have a great new 3D printer on the market.


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