3D Printing Post Series: Pixar Lamp!

If you’ve ever watched an animated film, you’ve definitely seen this cute little lamp! For this weeks 3D Print, I’ve decided to print Pixar’s iconic lamp. The lamp needed to be fully articulated, as the lamp in the films loves to hop around and move. This particular model is made of 31 different parts! It took roughly 7 hours to print the whole model, and I printed the model on 5 different build plates. Assembly was relatively easy, as all parts snap fitted together. While some layering was visible, overall, the model turned out great!

The Print Settings (Dun Dun Dun)

  • Printed with 20% Infill
  • Printed with a hot-end temperature of 230, and a bed temperature of 85 (To print my White nGen)
  • Printed with no support material
  • Printed with 2 Shells
  • Printed at 250 Micron layer resolution
  • Mom = Awesome
  • Printed with High Fan Speeds
  •  Total Print Time: 7.5 Hours
  • Printed on my Lulzbot Mini
  • Sliced using the Lulzbot’s edition of Cura

The Picture!!


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