The new Leapfrog Bolt!

Leapfrog (a Dutch 3D Printer manufacturer) has recently made a big announcement. They are adding to their 3D Printer lineup! Leapfrog makes high-end professional 3D Printers, that always have new innovative ideas and concepts. And their new 3D Printer (the Bolt) is no exception. The new Leapfrog Bolt was designed for ease of use and consistency. It features a new dual-extrusion system with:

  • No extra filament leakage, giving cleaner, smoother, prints
  • Faster prints, with nearly twice the speed! *
  • Generally more control over each filament

The Bolt will also have two new printing modes, Replicator Mode and Mirror Mode. Replicator mode will do exactly as it sounds, it will replicate your object on both extruders! This is handy for printing multiple parts at the same time.

An example of Replicator Mode

Mirror Mode, on the other hand, creates a mirrored copy of your print on the print bed. Now, you no longer need to make counterparts separately!

The Bolt also offers “stronger” printing. It has a closed frame design, with a heated bed for ABS. This will drastically reduce warping and layer splitting.

Leapfrog has also put an emphasis on software. With the new “Cross-Platform” software, you will be able to easily control your printer from the 7-inch touchscreen, or from any WiFi enabled device. The new software also puts a big emphasis on user-experience. It comes with two modes, a restricted and a full-control option. The restricted mode is geared towards the beginner user, whereas the full-control mode is intended for the more advanced user. The software will also give you full stats on the printer, ranging from remaining filament to print time.  The Bolt also comes with a webcam for remotely viewing your printer too.

Leapfrog has also built the Bolt with user safety in mind. The enclosed frame will keep out curious fingers, and the activated HEPA filter will keep the air nice and clean. This makes the Bolt ideal for education and schools.

In conclusion, the Bolt is quite the printer. With its improved dual extrusion and new software, the Bolt is a powerful weapon. A direct drive extruder offers greater control of the filament, and the heated bed unlocks a wide range of materials. However, its price is not for everyone. Priced at nearly $7,000, the Bolt is clearly a professional machine. Nevertheless, though, you could EASILY create some Epic 3D Stuff on this impressive machine.


*Compared to past Leapfrog printers. Available only when printing with Mirror or Bolt modes.

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