The NEW Robo C2 and R2 “Smart” 3D Printers!

Robo 3D is a large name in the 3D Printing world. They are known for their highly successful Robo R1 and Robo R1+ 3D printers, that currently sell around $800. And because of their large success in the past, everyone was expecting BIG things when they announced their new line of 3D printers.  The NEW Robo C2 and R2 printers have recently launched on Kickstarter, and they have stirred up some serious excitement in the 3D printing world.

When Robo 3D launched their C2 and R2 3D Printers on Kickstarter, everyone went nuts. Their predecessor, (the Robo R1) was “okay” but it lacked certain features/capabilities. The new C2 and R2 3D Printers claim to fix these small errors, and the first thing they’ve changed is the design.


The new Robo C2 and R2 3D printers have a modern and clean design. With their fully enclosed print spaces, curved edges, and sleek casing, the new Robo printers were designed to look nice. For comparison, pictured below is the old R1 next to the new C2. r1

Speaking of design, the new Robo printers will come in two different models. The Robo C2 and R2. The C2 will be smaller, lighter, have single extrusion, and lack a heated print bed. The R2 will be larger, heavier, include (optional) dual extrusion, and it will have a heated print bed. Other than that, though, the two designs are pretty much identical.

New Features:

The new printers claim to come with “innovative new features” that will “simplify the path to every print.” These new printers will be fast and accurate, without sacrificing some great features. Each printer will come with a full color touch screen display, along with WiFi connectivity. WiFi connectivity will enable the user to connect the printer with their mobile device, which then allows them to control the printer through their phone! The following is a full list of application features.

  • “Connect and print right from your mobile device”
  • “Monitor the progress of every print”
  • “Manage multiple prints and printers at once”
  • “Manual control panel lets you handle every detail with precision”
  • “Connect to cloud libraries and access thousands of 3D models”
  • “Make in-app purchases (filaments, accessories, print kits and more)”

Both 3D printers will also include self-leveling print platforms. The bed on the R2 will be heated, but the one on the C2 will not 😦  Unfortunately, this means you have a strictly limited number of compatible print materials on the C2. The R2, on the other hand, can print TONS of materials! In fact, the website claims it can print over 30!

In terms of pricing, the cheapest available Kickstarter tier will give you access to the C2 3D Printer, along with 300 grams of PLA. This is currently priced at $499. The cheapest R2 tier is priced at $999, and it also comes with 300 grams of PLA. The retail prices of these printers has yet to be announced.

Update: The $499 tier is now sold out! Now the cheapest tier is priced at $599. The cheapest R2 tier is also sold out! Now the cheapest R2 tier is priced at $1099.

Each 3D Printer will also be extremely accurate. Both 3D Printers will be able to print as fine as 20 microns, and as coarse as 300 microns! This will allow users to create fine, intricately detailed, accurate parts.

All of these features seem to result in a solid conclusion. If Robo 3D can deliver through Kickstarter (and that’s a big “if”), than the new Robo Printers could revolutionize the world of consumer printing.  And, in the process, create some Epic 3D Stuff!

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