The New Ultimaker 3!

Ultimaker is a MAJOR brand in the 3D Printing world, and they produce incredible high-end machines. Their previous generation 3D printer (the Ultimaker 2) was pretty great, but their new machine, (The Ultimaker 3) is even better! This revolutionary new 3D Printer boasts many great features, that will simplify the 3D Printing process forever.

Ultimaker changed many things in their new printer, but the main change was the new dual extrusion. Ultimaker added a “unique auto nozzle-lifting system,” that should improve the reliability of dual extrusion printing. The new dual extrusion will enable your Ultimaker to print more complex parts, as the new printers can print with complex water soluble support!

Partnered with this dual extrusion is Ultimaker’s new swappable print cores. These cores are easily swappable to improve printer uptime and maintenance. The new Ultimaker 3 will come with print cores for building material and support material. Each print core has “customized nozzle geometry per material,” which helps reduce clogging and improve reliability.

The new Ultimaker’s will also have BETTER cooling, with a new “powerful low-noise fan system”. The new printers will have two radial fans, that create more pressure build up (for improved airflow). The new optimized airflow will improve overall cooling, bridging, and the smoothing of print surfaces.

Further adding to this reliability and print quality are the new “NFC Scanner” and “EEPROM” print core chips. The NFC scanner has built-in material recognition, which identifies the material currently loaded and checks for correspondence to the settings and print core being used. This will help prevent more failed prints (due to incorrect print cores or settings). The EEPROM print core chip “memorizes” the  type of nozzle you have equipped, and it notifies you of possible misuse (see above). This will also help you achieve higher success rates.

Ultimaker has also improved the build plate on their new machine. The new Ultimaker features a build plate that is lighter and stiffer, which further reduces vibrations and helps improve print quality. The build plate is still removable, making it easier to remove your prints. The build plate is still heated too, which allows you to print in a wide range of different materials. And speaking of different materials, the new Ultimaker’s will use an open filament system! Despite the new NFC material scanner, you will still have the freedom to experiment with other types of filament. (Staying true to Ultimaker’s open-source philosophy.) However, Ultimaker still recommends purchasing THEIR materials. (Nylon, PLA, ABS, CPE, and PVA).

Another thing Ultimaker improved was bed leveling. For such expensive machines, the previous Ultimaker’s didn’t have auto-bed leveling! This changed in the new machines. The new Ultimaker’s will have “active leveling” which uses capacitive sensors in the redesigned print head to measure the distance between the print bed and the nozzle. The tilt angle is then compensated for by adjusting the Z-height in the first few layers. This results in improved build plate adhesion and more accurate bed leveling.

Finally, the new Ultimaker’s will have WiFi connectivity! You will now be able to connect wirelessly to your 3D printer, creating a seamless printing experience. You will now be able to send your prints directly from your computer to your printer, without using USB  (those this feature is still available). The WiFi can also be used to access the new live camera, which is used to remotely monitor your prints. This is a feature that has been in other high-end 3D printers for awhile (like the Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen) for awhile now, so it was only a matter of time before Ultimaker installed this feature in their printers.

In conclusion, the new Ultimaker is a revolutionary 3D Printer. The new upgrade was focused on improving reliability and general print quality, even though these traits were already present in the previous generations of Ultimaker’s. The new Ultimaker has some innovative new features and ideas, but these ideas will come with a hefty price tag. The new machine is advertised as a professional 3D Printer, with a price tag of $3495.00! However, if you can afford it, this 3D Printer will definitely create some Epic 3D Stuff.


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