3D Printing Post Series: Octopus

While Makerbot IS a massive 3D printing company, they own an even larger 3D printing community (Thingiverse). Thingiverse is a MASSIVE collection of 3D Printing designs, that has thousands of users. Because of this, Makerbot never really needs to design anything! However, when they do, it is usually pretty great… One of their models is called “Cute Octopus Says Hello”.  It’s cute, and it’s saying hello! I recently found this model, and I couldn’t resist printing it… The model turned out pretty nicely, with minimal layering near the top.

 The Print Settings: 

  • Printed with 15% Infill
  • Printed with a hot-end temperature of 230°, and a bed temperature of 85° (To print my Grey nGen)
  • Printed with no support material
  • Printed with 2 Shells
  • Printed at 200 Micron layer resolution
  • Slime=Slimy?
  • Printed with Low Fan Speeds
  • Total Print Time: 1 Hour, 30 Minutes
  • Sliced using the Lulzbot’s edition of Cura
  • Printed on my Lulzbot Mini

 Model Source:

Click Here!

The Picture!!


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