3D Printing Post Series: Abstract Christmas Tree

With the Christmas season just around the corner, more and more holiday 3D Printing models have been popping up on Thingiverse. Some of the models are easily printable, while others require a bit more post processing. Because I was too busy decorating for Christmas, I decided to print one of the easier models. This model is unique, though, because it is designed to be printed with a single shell! This creates a hollow, watertight part. And for this Christmas Tree model, this created an interesting effect. Overall, the model turned out quite nicely, with only a few misprints on the unsupported “limbs”.  

 The Print Settings: 

  • Printed with 15% Infill
  • Printed with a hot-end temperature of 240°, and a bed temperature of 110° (To print my blue HIPS)
  • Printed with no support material
  • Printed with high retraction settings
  • Printed with 1 continuous shell.
  • Merry Christmas!
  • Printed at 250 micron layer resolution
  • Printed with extremely high fan speeds
  • Printed in Simplify 3D’s “Vase Mode”
  • Why are you still reading this?
  • Total Print Time: 3 Hours, 20 Minutes
  • Sliced using Simplify3D!
  • Printed on my Lulzbot Mini

 Model Source:

Click Here!

The Picture!!


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